Management of the types of field groups

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Through the Scrolling menu of management of the farms, selecting the first item, that is "Field groups", you will enter the web page for the field group management

tog_minus        type of field groups



The following, are possible operation:

Pencil16 --> Change the field

X_Cross_R_16 --> Delete the field


Clicking on New field group you can create a new field group within the farm

tog_minus        new field group



The fields that are to be filled are these:

Width and length of the field group (in meters);
Type of soil (eg clay, sand, etc ...)
Distance from farm;
Headland field width;
Tranfer speed;

Thus you can save by clicking save or return to the list of field groups by clicking on Back to list. Once you have saved the field group will be available in the farm group list currently selected.