Insert crops

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Through the Scrolling menu of management of the farmsSelecting the second voice, that is "crops", you will enter the web page for manage the farm's crop

tog_plus        crop management



Clicking on NEW  you can create a new corporate culture:

tog_minus        new crop



Through the drop-down menu "Crop" you can choose from a variety of crops provided from database, at which you can add a brief description.

After pressing SAVE the growing crops will be added to the list of the company.


Through the Scrolling menu of management of the farms, selecting the third item, that is "Field crops groups x", you will enter the web page for the field group management


tog_minus        crops for field group



Clicking on NEW then, you can fill all the crops of the farm, by entering the crops in their field groups




Selecting the type of field group and the crop from the relative drop-down menu and then specifying the surface, you can record these data in the database using the button SAVE. Once stored, the list of crops is updated in real time.

In the scenario of perennial crops, you are able to introduced years of rotation, through Year rotation ( one in the case of annual crops) and select the relevant year of rotation.

Finally the item distance from biomass facility refers to the distance from any field group to the plant; if there isn't a plant where you can bring the raw materials, you can enter the distance from the field group to the farm, that is already included in the Insert field groups.


TIPS: In a second step you can edit the surfaces or delete the crops already entered. This feature allows you to have maximum flexibility for any simulations or normal annual variations.