Insert productive means

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The next section in data insertion is that relative of productive means used

Through the Scrolling menu of management of the farms, selecting the sixth item, that is "Field groups", you will enter the web page for the productive means management in the farm.

tog_minus        Productive means used in the farm



Simply click on the symbol Pencil16 of one productive means, it's possible to edit the related information.

Finally, to proceed at the elimination of a resource from the list you can select the relative symbol with the mouse X_Cross_R_16.



Changing a productive means or create a new one, you can accessed on relative page


tog_minus        new productive means



The form for registration of a productive means requires the following parameters:


Category of productive means
Type of resource;
Unit of measure expressed as the quantity of money;


TIPS: The category and type of productive means used are already in the database and you can select it from the list once choosen.