Insert equipment

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The next section of insert the data farm is related to equipment.

Through the Scrolling menu of the farm managementselecting the fifth entry, or "Machinery", you will enter the equipment management of the farm.

tog_minus        farm equipment



Simply click on the button Pencil16 of a equipment, you can modify the information.

Finally, in order to delete an equipment from the list simply select this button with the mouse X_Cross_R_16.


TIPS: If you decide to delete an equipment, the program will perform a quick check that the equipment is not included in combination with any operations, proceeding in this case the immediate elimination. Otherwise the application will not perform the requested operation.


Modify a present equipment or creating a new one you enter in this page:


tog_minus        new equipment



To make essential but at the same time the inclusion of specific parameters, the form for recording a farm equipment requires the following parameters:


Description (category and model);
Year of construction;
Type and capacity of the hopper, loading time and unloading of the hopper (if the machinery hasn't the hopper, these items will not appear).
New value;
Working width;
Hours spent for other activities (beyond those described on this site);
Power (KW) for those machinery with autonomous power (eg. A combine harvester);
Category of manpower (to enter different categories of fellows, see Insert manpower.