Choice of extraction system

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Through the Scrolling menu of the forestry managementSelecting the first item, that is "extraction system" you will enter the page for choosing the extraction system most suitable for forestry plot in question. This page relies on a series of data concerning the accessibility and terrain practicability of the plot, the availability of specialized vehicles for work in wood and the reforestation.

tog_minus        Extraction system



Among the different items to enter, you'll can find:

Average slope of the plot: you can choose from 4 categories:
0-25% of slope;
26-50% of slope;
51-75% of slope, option where you can add or less if there are natural /watershed gully;
> 75% of slope, option that you can added if the slope is greater than 100% or less.
Wood types: You must insert the wood types of your plot expressing the value in percentage You can choose only three wood types and the sum of these must be equal to 100%.
Obstacles: you can choose from three categories:
0-33% of area covered by obstacles;
33-66% of area covered by obstacles;
> 66% of the area covered by obstacles.

You can also indicate whether the distribution of the obstacles is:


And finally the height of obstacles, among:

<30 cm;
30-80 cm;
> 80 cm.
Availability of specialized tractors for work in wood (skidder or forwarder).
Max extraction distances off the striproad (m)
Average extraction distances off the striproad (m)
Average extraction distances on the striproad (m)
extraction distance on the forestry road (m)
Direction of extraction system
Average tree volume (m3)
Timber volume (m3)

Therefore will be processed automatically:

Terrain practicability: expressed as a function of three parameters, namely the percentage of plot area covered by obstacles, the distribution of obstacles on the surface of plot and the average height of the obstacles. From the intersection of these parameters, the plot is classified into four categories of Terrain practicability, that are :
practicable with any vehicle
practicable - tractor without trailer
practicable only with skidder;
not practicable
Results: that indicates the type of extraction system most suitable for the plot in question.


TIPS: Slopes greater than 50% do not automatically determine the terrain practicability of the plot and shall also exclude the possibility of building open forest tracks which, would be too burdensome by requiring the construction of retaining walls of masonry.

If the slope is greater than 100%, for security reasons, it's excluded the possibility of extracting wood for dip along natural lines.

It's also present a cross-check with the average volume of the plant extracted If this value is less than 0.2 m3 it's exclude the possibility of having an wood types of sawlog and square log If this case is verified is sent an error message.

If there is availability of specialized tractors, through the appropriate control the software includes them among the means used for extracting. However, if the controls are not activated, these specialized tractors do not appear among the possible solutions.