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It appears that some items regarding the cost mechanization were not considered For example, the crop harvest, due to the economic burden which includes the purchase of harvesters, is often held by farm contractors. To evaluating better this and other options, with the opportunity to buy a new tractor or a new equipment, this section has been created for collect data about the rental costs of machinery and equipment and all those items of cost which are going to affect the analysis of income and costs per crop.

Once again the logic to register the data is the same that is been outlined until here, that is: insert -> edit, or delete the data.


Through the Scrolling menu of management of the farmsSelecting the tenth item, or "Extra farm costs", you will enter the management costs of non-business, allowing you to manage and summarize the cost per unit crop irrigation, subcontracting, overhead costs, costs of drying, contributions , etc. ..


tog_minus        Extra farm cost



After selecting the item through the button Pencil16, the selected detail is changeable only in the descriptive and economic components. The combination with the selected crop remains fixed If necessary, you can delete it simply by clicking on the symbol X_Cross_R_16 of the line corresponding to the detail chosen.



The modification or creation of a new extra-cost business is done through a dedicated section:

tog_minus        New extra farm cost



The form for entering the data is similar to those used for tractors, machines and resources.

It simple, after selecting the crop, enter:


The crop on which is carried out the extra farm cost;
the type of expense;
the economic value and unit of measure;
The energic coefficient of average productivity and relative unit of measure.

At this point with the simply pression of button SAVE the data is recorded as you can see in the web page


You can also add the field group via the item "Crops":

tog_minus        input fields


Then, you can proceed to the combination cost - field group by pressing "enter field groups."