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To complete the overview of the economic aspects related to mechanization was made last input section in the menu defined as "product sales" where you can insert all types of product sales including cultural contributions made by the European Community.


Through the Scrolling menu of management of the farms, selecting the eleventh item, that is "Product sales", you will enter the web page for management of product sales


tog_minus        Product sales



After selecting the item, through the button Pencil16 The selected detail is editable, if necessary you can delete it simply by clicking on the symbol X_Cross_R_16 of the line corresponding to the detail chosen.


The modification or creation of a new product sales is done through a dedicated section:

tog_minus        New product sales crop



Like the previous modules, after selecting the item NEW you can specify:


the crop
the description of the agricultural product or the contribution received;
the total amount of product and its unit (easily obtained from tax records of the company);
the average perceived price of the product unit;
the amount of the European or regional contribution and its units of measure.

At this point with the simply pression of button SAVE the data is recorded as you can see in the web page


You can also add the field group via the item "Crops":

tog_minus        input fields



Then, you can proceed to the combination cost - field group by pressing "enter field groups."