Public Farm Menu

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Through the public menu, you can see shared farms by other users.


TIPS: To create a shared farm, you must check the option shared, as you can see in Insertion new farm.

tog_minus        Shared farms

Once you click on Public farm you will enter to following menu:



The following are possible operation:

view --> View the farm

V_Tick_16 --> Select the farm to see all the details (fields group, crops, machinery, etc. ...).


TIPS: The description is obscured for privacy reasons.

You can not edit a shared enterprise.


If you select a shared farm, you will can see the details through the following menu:

tog_minus        Shared farms detailes

Selecting the shared farm that interest you (click on the symbol V_Tick_16) from previous menu, you will have access to its management, by pointing the mouse on PUBLIC FARM, through a scrolling menu previously hidden, but now available.





TIPS: Note that this menu is completely identical to Scrolling menu farms management.