Forestry operations

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Through the Scrolling menu of the forestry managementselecting the sixth entry, or "Forestry operation", you will enter the forestry operations management of the farm.


tog_minus        Forestry operations



On this screen you can:

Pencil16 --> change an existing forestry operation;

X_Cross_R_16 --> delete an existing forestry operation;


Modify a present operation or creating a new one you enter in this page:


tog_minus        new operation

The image is an example of inserting/editing of a forestry operation from scratch.




This section requires the following values:


the crop on which the operation was carried out;
the operation carried out;
the tractor and the equipment used;
the total quantity amount of product and the load for each trip;
loading and unloading times in the farm and on field;
transport speed;
The number of people engaged in this activity and its labour coefficient;
reminders or notes for any particular characteristics of the operation.


There is also the possibility of duplicating the forestry operation for another crop of the farm, so as to simplify the possible inclusion of similar values.

Once chosen and quantified values ​​required by this form, the information is stored by simply pressing the button SAVE. At the same time are calculated and modified, over the previous situation, all the technical/economic parameters related to the equipment and the tractor used. The use of the machinery per year will increase and decrease their fixed costs.


TIPS: Notice that crop, operation kind, and machinery used are deliberately constrained values, that is strictly dependent on the data entered in the previous sections. So you can't combine a tractor with an equipment that has not been registered in the previous section, also the operation can't be different from those that enable the farm equipment registered previously.


You can also add the field group through the "Crops":


To add the fields in which the forestry operation is made you can select it from the list and proceed to combine field operation with field group through "add groups" button.