Forestry Productivity - Tractor with bins

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Through this screen you can estimate the working capacity and the working times of the extraction system with tractor with bins, according to the operating conditions of the plot in question. You can access to the calculation procedure through the Scrolling menu of the forestry managementSelecting the ninth item, or "Extraction with tractor and bins."


With this terminology is intended to indicate the extraction system that involves the use of steel cages mounted on the three point linkage and on the front lift of the tractor. This system, traditionally used for firewood, may also be adopted for other assortments, but not longer than two meters.

The calculation is based on bibliographic data that show the working capacity of the extraction with tractor and bins. In particular, the productivity was considered in the load of timber and the transport speed of the tractor in different road conditions.


tog_minus        extraction with tractor and bins




The calculation procedure requires you to enter the following parameters for the calculation of the working time and the working capacity.


Timber volume: expressed in m3, you can choose values ​​between 10 and 300 (with intervals of 10 units).
Diameter: expressed in cm, you can choose values ​​between 8 and 50 (with intervals of 0.5 units).
Wood Stacking: concentration of the timber, you can choose between:
direct haulage (less than 3 loading points);
extracted and stacked.
Wood type: you can choose between hardwood or softwood.
Average extraction distances off the striproad: in meters, you can choose values ​​between 25 and 500 (with intervals of 25 units).
Average extraction distances on the striproad: in meters, you can choose values ​​between 50 and 1000 (with intervals of 50 units).
Extraction distances on the forestry road: in meters, you can choose values ​​between 50 and 500 (with intervals of 50 units).
bins medium weight: you can choose between:
2 stacked cubic meters;
3 stacked cubic meters;
4 stacked cubic meters;


The possibility to calculate the working time (h/m3) and the working capacity (m3/h) through the button save and result is activated only when all required parameters are entered. otherwise it is shown on the screen to insert the missing data.


TIPS: Since the bins medium weight is in stacked cubic meters, there is an hidden converter that transforms the stacked cubic meters in cubic meters.